Minneapolis Struggles to be Offended by Streets Named for Calhoun

We read that after changing the name of Lake Calhoun to the much “better option” of Bde Maka Ska (that simply rolls off of one’s tongue), the city is now exploring ways to expunge the Calhoun name from the streets around the lake.

Calhoun is not without his defenders or at least those that see the silliness of this all, even in Minnesota it seems.

Because liberals and news organizations such as yourself are intolerant of anything that offends you, and you seek to change names of things just to appease your own dissatisfaction. It was originally named lake Calhoun by the people that founded our state and just because he owned slaves does not mean we should eradicate a name. AJ Wacek

Tired of political correctness and liberals cramming social justice down every aspect of our lives. Seriously, I get the world has problems but 24/7? Someone is offended by something. It’s a lake, and the name is well known. I dont give a shit if the guy used to be a racist, he is an historical figure and how dare anyone who purposely try to erase history…even the negative dark history. Reminds me of the Nazi book burning. Stephen Noel

The irony is that the current name of the lake is based upon a Dakota Sioux Indian name.   The Sioux, of course, are famous for their expansion, at the cost of other tribes, across the plains soon after they mastered the horse.  Some of those previously displaced tribes it seems might find a reason to be triggered by the current name of the lake.

Perhaps the safest option is to name all lakes things like “Blue or Green Lake”, surely that would not offend nearly anyone anywhere – it would have no meaning of place or history but it would be safe for the easily offended among us.

The point.  When one digs around through history with the intention fo finding reasons to be offended it is easy to find “Justifications”.   It is silly for Minneapolis to spend money to change the name of these streets, the Lake was named in honor of John C. Calhoun who was Secretary of War and sent an expedition to build a fort in the area – the streets and the lake were named in his honor.  It is part of Minneapolis history.

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