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We believe that ideas flourish only in a world where they are discussed, elaborated on and eventually expanded upon.  Knowledge develops as we all stand on the shoulders of those that came before and in the evaluation of previous ideas. We make full use of the US Fair Use copyright doctrine for non-profit, educational purposes and conduct discussion, expansion, commentary and transformative use of scholarly works within the subjects and domains relevant to our historical, political, social, cultural and moral discussions here.  When exercising the Fair Use doctrine we always attribute the original author/publisher and the relevant location of the item discussed.  We welcome others to likewise utilize out work.

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Some or all of the content of The Calhoun Institute website has been certified by Digiprove. There exists verifiable, time-stamped, and tamper-proof evidence of the content.  The Digiprove notice notwithstanding, The Calhoun Institute claims copyright of all material on this website via the license posted above.

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