3 portraits of John C. Calhoun removed from Yale college

Picture of John C. Calhoun at Yale


Abstract: NEW HAVEN >> “Three portraits of Vice President John C. Calhoun have been removed from the Yale residential college named for him, while the debate over renaming the college is beginning to focus on a high-achieving student who died in an auto accident just before his graduation in 1984.”

It is very possible the young man that died in 1984 is well deserving of some recognition.  It is, however, incomprehensible an attempt to write Calhoun out of history and out of sight is the proper application of said recognition.

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I am a Southerner, a father, husband, and Christian and retired active duty Army field grade officer; I served for just over thirty years. I spent four years of my youth at The Citadel in Charleston. I am neither a theologian nor a professional historian. I do however ask many questions and endeavor to find answers and I believe, or at least hope, that I think critically and with the understanding that God provides.

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